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I'm a Professional Intuitive Guide, here to help you to connect back to your soul and remember why you are here.

I work with Spirit to intuitively support you in living the healthiest, fullest expression of yourself in this life. I will help you discover what is holding you back, creating fear, resistance and/or illness in your body, so that you can find alignment and flow in your life.

Email me if you'd like to book a reading outside of the times offered on my calendar.

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I've had a deep desire to help people feel better as long as I can remember. Professionally, this officially started for me when my Mom got sick with cancer and I decided to study nutrition and try to heal her with food. This led to cooking for other people who had cancer and other debilitating illnesses for several years. One of the things I noticed during this time was that the food was sort of helpful, but it was more the taking over the physical task from the clients to have to cook for themselves or their families that actually helped. And in all cases, being nourished was a good thing, but it was never enough, and I found that really sad and frustrating. I knew that the emotional issues I could see festering underneath the illnesses were causing more damage than a lack of kale.

I took a break from cooking when my daughter was born and spent a lot of time lying beside her while she sort of slept, reading, listening to and learning about the spiritual world and intuition. I began to realize that the emotional issues living underneath many people's physical ailments weren't something everyone could see or feel and it was actually another way I could be of service.

Having the ability to help people return back to their truest, most aligned selves, with Spirit's guidance is beyond my wildest dreams. And so much quicker and more effective than the way I was trying to do it before! In my experience, our spiritual, emotional and physical health are all connected. We came here to do very specific things, often calling to us loudly and sometimes in an embarrassing voice from across the room until we start to pay attention and remove our judgements around it. And sometimes we can’t hear it at all because we’ve never allowed ourselves to look in that direction because it seemed too awesome or impossible.


I have had many magical big-hearted intuitive beings help me along the way that I am so grateful for. I understand how powerful it is to feel seen and understood and supported, especially when you’re making brave changes and are tired of getting in your own way. I’m here to help you now! It’s my favourite thing to do and I can’t wait to work with each one of you to help you live your healthiest, funnest, and most empowered life.

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I just felt so great after chatting with Dana. It is quite powerful and uplifting to feel seen and heard in an authentic way by someone you don't know. I felt renewed at the possibility that I am so supported here on this life journey. The truest testament to the value I found in the session is the eagerness with which I've been recommending Dana to close friends and family.


I'm so freaking blown away by Dana and her gifts. From the moment I heard her speak, I knew I was in for a magical treat! I felt like Dana's known me my entire life. She knew all the ways I was holding myself back, and she gave me crystal clear guidance on how I can shift out of it and into my power! I have steps I can actually take to help me move my life and business forward and I'm so excited about it!


I recently had a session with Dana and was completely blown away by the messages she had for me. Every message was so accurate, resonated so deeply and come through in a firm but completely loving, gentle, non-judgmental voice. She gave actions I could take to act on the messages and offered a different perspective than I would have considered. I left our session feeling empowered, confident and motivated. I can't wait to work with Dana again!


I had a reading with Dana a few hours ago and I was completely blown away! Everything she said resonated with me. If I wasn't nodding my head as she spoke, I was crying because of how deeply I connected with her words.There aren't enough words to adequately thank Dana for being the conduit for every single message I needed to hear.


“How can you live without knowing what your spirit is doing and what your spirit is saying to you?”

Caroline Myss

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Please send me a message here or email me at if you are interested in booking a reading with me or if you have any questions about my offerings or schedule. Thank you! I look forward to connecting with you!

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